Auto-Clicker 2.3

Record regularly-used mouse clicks as a macro to automate them for a hands free solution

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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Auto Clicker is a small Windows program that repeats mouse clicks.

If you have never found yourself in a situation where automating mouse clicks would be useful, then you may wonder why a program like Auto Clicker exists. After all, what it does seems so very basic. This is the kind of program you would never realize how useful it is until you find yourself in that situation.

You can move your cursor to a particular area of the screen and instruct Auto Clicker to keep clicking, and it will—without any wear and tear on your mouse—until you tell it to stop. It also has a recorder so that you can record a cursor position or multiple cursor position. You can even record a certain number of mouse clicks or enter the number specifically into the macro.

A recording is useful since when you activate it, it will move to the desired position and perform the desired number of clicks. If your macro includes multiple cursor positions, it is even possible to involve delays as well as delays between clicks. This can be useful, for instance, when automatic a program or game where you will be clicking various dialogs that take a millisecond or two to appear.

One use of such a program that is to click ads. That probably is not on the up and up if you are clicking ads associate with an account that pays you. Nevertheless, the developer knows people use it for such purposes and has even added an IP changer. If you have access to multiple IP address or VPNs, you can set your macro in order to fool click counters that track based on the IP address.

That is about as sophisticated as Auto Click gets: move the cursor, wait if necessary, click the mouse once or x number of times and rinse and repeat. If you want a more sophisticated macro, then you will need to look elsewhere. If the robustness of this macro is good enough, then the footprint of the program and the ease at which you can create and run scripts makes it worth it and then some.

The biggest issue with Auto Clicker is that it is a bit pricey for what it is. It is an excellent program but there are alternatives that are less expensive or even free. Additionally, there are programs like AutoHotkey, which is not only free but much more sophisticated. Sure, the learning curve is higher, which may be the difference, but it may also be worth if you intend to use the feature a lot.


  • Automatic pointer movement and clicks
  • Macro and hotkey support


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